Frequently Asked Questions

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How to measure for wallpaper and install guidelines.

  • We always recommend getting a professional installer to measure before you buy. All our paper comes in 33ft long rolls and have a 24" printed width. 
  • Our wallpapers come untrimmed and require pasting. We include a 1/2" bleed on either edge. We recommend installation using a professional wallpaper hanger only.
  • We assume no responsibility for any damage occurring to wallpaper during trimming or installation.
  • Walls should be trimmed and allowed to dry before installation.
  • For a sharp clean cut blades should be changed often during trimming.
  • A clean non-staining adhesive is recommended for installation. 

Do we offer to the trade pricing?

Yes we do! Contact hello@shoploudini.com to ask us about to the trade pricing. We also make custom accessories for wholesale.

Do you offer other fabrics than linen?

We can print the design of your choosing on nearly any fabric. We have options ranging from Silk and Cotton to Polyester. Contact hello@shoploudini.com to get more information.

Do you offer alternate color options?

We can create custom colors for most designs and are happy to work with you to achieve the right design for you. Contact hello@shoploudini.com to get in touch about something unique.